Check out the mountains of real, sworn testimonials from actual customers of the Demolisher Baseball Betting System!

This page contains masses of testimonies from customers of the Demolisher Betting System!

All testimonials you see below are genuine testimonials from actual customers who purchased their copy of the Demolisher Betting System, and sent in their honest feedbacks about the betting system once they've reviewed and analyzed it. No free or discounted copy was ever given out in exchange for any kind of testimony. Everything that you're about to see below are all honest and genuine reactions of how users of the Demolisher Betting System feel about the product after they've purchased the system and analyzed it.

Here's a Sneak Peek of the Raving Reviews People are Flooding into my Inbox about the Demolisher Betting System: 

Professional soccer legend Jan Vreman says the "Demolisher" Betting System is "absolutely brilliant!"

Jan Vreman was a highly accomplished professional soccer player who played for "De Graafschap" during his professional career. He led his team to undefeated championships during the 1990/1991 season. Jan Vreman is now employed as the team's head coach.

NHL defenseman Mark Desantis says: "The Demolisher Betting System is by far the best that I've seen!"

Mark Desantis played professional hockey for 16 years. Out of junior hockey, he signed a professional contract with the Anaheim Ducks of the National Hockey League.

Captain Neeraj P., recipient of the prestigious U.S. Meritorious Service Medal, wrote this touching letter below after the "Demolisher" Betting System turned his $2,500 bankroll into $8,500. As he puts it in his heartfelt testimony, the Demolisher system has changed his life, allowing him to purchase a $400,000 home while setting aside significant funds!

Captain Neeraj P. was awarded the prestigious U.S. Meritorious Service Medal, issued by President Obama, for his distinguished work and leadership in the air force.

Professional hockey player Lorne Knauft says that the "Demolisher" Betting System is "absolutely flawless!"

Lorne Knauft played professional hockey for 10 years during his career, including a championship win in 2000

Jeb Andrews, PhD, CEO of Clinical Trials of America, calls the "Demolisher" Betting System "amazing!"

Jeb Andrews, PhD, is the CEO of America's leading clinical trials organization: Clinical Trials of America

Doctor Mark Frahm, retired physician and winner of numerous medical accolades says that the "Demolisher" betting system "just doesn't lose!"

Mark Frahm, PhD, was a physician of 30 years and has won numerous national accolades throughout his storied career

2005 Major League Baseball World Series champion Jeff Behr says that the "Demolisher" Betting System is "ingenious!"

Jeff Behr earned MLB's prestigious world championship ring during his career in Major League Baseball when his team won the 2005 World Series.

Juan Sosa is totally blind. He uses accessible technology to perform even the most basic daily tasks. He says: "If i can do this, anybody can!"

Juan Sosa is completely blind, and has to rely on accessible technology to perform the most basic daily functions that we tend to take for granted. He's forced to rely on a screen reading software to bet along on my "Demolisher" Betting System. Juan's gruesome disability hasn't stopped him from using the system to the fullest extent. As he sums it up in his testimonial below: The Demolisher system "pays for itself!".

Evan O'Meara, head coach of the Pasadena City College Lancers, calls the "Demolisher" Betting System "incredible!"

Evan O'Meara served for 10 years as head coach of the Pasadena City's Lancers' baseball program. He has coached numerous players to the professional leagues over his career.

Professional bull rider Travis Rowe is convinced that the "Demolisher" Betting System is so good, it will eventually force the sportsbook to shut down his wagers to a minimum!

Travis Rowe was a professional bull rider in the PRCA for 6 years, traveling all over the United States to compete in bull riding tournaments

Ari Brotman, 3-time winner of Mexico's National Housing award, says that even with a highly conservative bets, he was still able to double his bankroll using the "Demolisher" Betting System!

Ari Brotman is the 3-time winner of Mexico's National Housing award, granted in the National Palace by the President of Mexico to the best low income housing developer. He received this prestigious recognition in 2006, 2007 and 2010. After his remarkable career success, Ari is now a fulltime philanthropist who dedicates his time on providing housing for the poorest citizens of Mexico. This year, his foundation will be giving away 5,000 houses. Ari Brotman is named by various Mexican publications as one of the top 100 most influentual people of Mexico. He relies on the Demolisher system to generate income, which he devotes back into charity and philanthropic works.

Tom Wadsworth, musician and back-to-back winner of two prestigious Community Star awards, says this about the Demolisher betting system:

Celebrated pianist Scott Henderson says: "I am thoroughly impressed by the system's ability to multiply your investment!"

Scott Henderson is a nationally-recognized pianist from Australia. He has won numerous accolades for his performances, including #1 prize in the Queensland Piano Competition

U.S. National Martial Arts Heavyweight Champion Rob Kerstner has this to say about the "Demolisher" Betting System:

Rob Kerstner is the U.S. National Martial Arts Champion, winning the national Mens Heavyweight Free Fighting Division

Phil Stanley, former director and manager of national record label Polydor Records says "You correctly named your new system "Demolisher" because that's exactly what it does: It demolishes the sportsbooks!"

Phil Stanley was director and manager of one of the most prolific national record labels: Polydor Records

Shem Bulgin has an IQ of over 150. He possesses the incredible ability to read at a rate of several thousand words per minute, a mental calculator of complex Vedic mathematics, and an IQ level of over 150 certifying him in the genius category. He wrote to me this touching letter below analyazing my Demolisher betting system and attesting to his "second to none" results he's enjoyed since day 1 of jumping onboard!

Sonasi Samita is stricken with kidney failure, diabetes, gout, heart problems, and blindness. He tells his heartfelt story below as to how the "Demolisher" system has changed his life:

Leonard Kline, Chief Operating Officer of Weiser Security, says: "Your research & attention to detail in back testing is impressive. As is the amount of time you put in to validate your findings."

Paul Coker is a widower who lost his home after his wife passed away last year from terminal cancer. When he could no longer afford to pay the mortgage in his home and was forced out of it after his wife passed away, he resorted to purchasing my "Demolisher" Betting System as his ticket to getting back on his feet. After using my Demolisher system and reaping in the rewarding bounty of his investment, and sent me this heartfelt letter below expressing just how incredible the Demolisher system has worked out for him since the day he climbed aboard!

Decorated army veteran William McDougal says: "You are a truly mad brilliant technician when it comes to creating wonderful sports betting systems. I just don't know how you come up with this stuff."

William Mcdougal was the recipient of the National Defense Service Medal, SouthWest Asia Service Medal, and Humanitarian Service Medal

Daniel Pirtle was involved in a tragic car accident at 17 years old, and suffer every day from metal plates and screws in his legs. His dad is a quadriplegic, and his mom suffers from dementia.
He's been out of work for years. As he tells his fascinating story below: My betting system has financially provided for Daniel and his family over the years:

Daniel Pirtle's father is a quadriplegic. Daniel himself is handicapped from a car accident that has left painful screws and plates in his leg since 17 years old. His mother is stricken with dementia

Rodney Baker, President of the Oakland Dynamites Football Team says that the Demolisher system "has worked to perfection!"

Rodney Baker is the President of the Oakland Dynamites football team. His organization has sent numerous players to the NFL, including Pro Bowl running back Marshawn Lynch

Wee Chua was a supervisor of the casino. He used to oversee VIP players who'd bet up to $600,000 per hand. Now, he's converted to the other side as a bettor with my Demolisher system:

Brent Forsman is paralyzed from a hunting accident. He now uses the Demolisher system to generate income. He says: "I believe there is no way this system can fail!"

Brent Forsman broke his back and became paralyzed as a result of a hunting accident. He now relies on the Demolisher system to pay for his astronomical medical bills

Martin Dawson, teammate of Tony Jacklin, winner of the U.S. Open and The Open Championship, has this to say about the "Demolisher" Betting System:

John Buffi is a retired police offer who lost his home to Superstorm Sandy. He now uses the "Demolisher" system to help take care of his 91-year-old father and children.
John says: "My only statement is "WOW"...I thought your other systems were special but this is going to turn out to be the " Holy Grail" of all MLB systems, no doubt!"

Ricardo Ibanez is in debt by hundreds of thousands of dollars from failed business ventures. He now uses the "Demolisher" system to help pay off his debt:

Ricardo's unpaid loan from his failed business venture amounts to 3 million Pesos (approximately $225,000 USD)

Conrad Nagel, Chief Financial Officer of U.S. Microbics and Sub Surface Waste Management, says that the "Demolisher" Betting System produces:

Craig Hamilton's dad is profoundly disabled. He uses the "Demolisher" Betting System to provide for his father who can no longer provide for himself:

A custom-made ramp erected outside of his home because he can no longer walk due to heavy disability.

Poker champion Thomas Witherspoon says this about the "Demolisher" Betting System:

Thomas Witherspoon is one of the world's top professional poker players who has won numerous poker tournaments.

Michael Olson is in debt for over $24,258.00. He's now using the "Demolisher" Betting System to get out of debt:

Aleksandar Sosic from the small European country of Montenegro says that the "Demolisher" Betting System is the "best system in the world!"

Millionaire entrepreneur Greg Gallert says the "Demolisher" Betting System's numbers "do not lie!"

Greg Gallert is has taken a $3 Million annual company to generating $24 Million annually

James Diecidue is disabled and left to care for himself after his partner passed away. He now uses the "Demolisher" Betting System to provide for his well-being:

Jelili Makinde from Nigeria says he is sure of the "Demolisher" Betting System's success:

Jelili Makinde resides in the country of Nigeria where little is known about American sports

Doctor of Philosophy Michael Chan, PhD, calls the "Demolisher" Betting System "excellent!"

Michael Chan earned his PhD degree from the prestigious University of Newcastle

ER Surgeon Bart Gershenbaum says that "Over the last 18 months, my bankroll has tripled!"..."I am seriously considering taking my money out of the stock market and putting it all in Tony's hands"..."It doesn't look like gambling. It's more like an investment!"

Bart Gershenbaum, PhD, is a prestigious ER doctor, physician, and surgeon from Florida practicing in osteopathy

Luis Flores is paralyzed over half of his body. That doesn't stop him from using the "Demolisher" Betting System to provide him with income that he otherwise couldn't dream of:

Luis Flores suffered a severe stroke that left 50% of his body in permanent paralysis. He has lived in disability for decades, and will remain disabled for the rest of his life. His horrific disability hasn't stopped him from using my "Demolisher" Betting System to the fullest. He calls the system "nothing less than amazing!"

Karun Uppal, Senior Vice President at Microsoft, and recipient of the prestigious Microsoft's President's Award, calls the "Demolisher" Betting System "brilliant!"

Karun Uppal holds a prestigious position of Senior Vice President at Microsoft. He received the distinguished President's Award for his work over the years.

William McCreary can no longer work after suffering a severe stroke. The "Demolisher" Betting System now helps him funnel a new source of income:

Randy McCreary suffered a stroke. As a result, he is no longer able to work. He has no health insurance. He relies on the Demolisher system for his source of income

Business magnate Dennis Alderman uses the "Demolisher" Betting System to enrich his already multimillion-dollar fortune:

Bill Fullilove, disabled with cerebral palsy, and bankrupt from high medical bills, relies on the "Demolisher" Betting System to turn his life around:

Bill Fullilove filed for bankruptcy as a result of insurmountable medical bills

Commander David Preston swears: "I can honestly say that this MLB Demolisher System is the best you have devised"

David Preston was mission commander in the Navy, and was the recipient of numerous prestigious medals through his years, including the Meritorious commendation.

"Eagle Of The Year" Jeremy Myers says the "Demolisher" Betting System could be "rediculous with how much money that can be made!"

Kerrie-ann Dillon lost everything she had, including her home, from a town fire. She now uses the "Demolisher" Betting System to rebuild her fortune:

Paul Katayama has been unemployed for 14 years after being diagnosed with arthritis. He now relies on the "Demolisher" Betting System to create his income:

MRI report of Paul's medical condition that has left him out of work for decades

New Zealand's yachting champion Keith Williams says the "Demolisher" system "Makes a lot of sense...Tony, how you keep coming up with these systems is beyond me!"

Huib Voort from New Zealand is drowned in debts. He uses the "Demolisher" Betting System to help carve a new path in his financial life:

Dentist Mark Schlothauer, D.D.S. says that the Demolisher system "is ridiculously accurate and totally awesome!! It seriously almost isn't fair. It is like being the best card counter ever!"

Mark Schlothauer, D.D.S. is a former captain of the U.S. Air Force. He is currently an esteemed dentist, and the vice president of Nebraska's dental association. He has previously served as the local president for multiple terms.

Jerry Bola, President of the Sikh Temple and director of the Kalgidhar Shiromani Society, says the "Demolisher" Betting System is "awesome!"

Jerry Bola was elected President of the Sikh Temple, and serves as director of the Kalgidhar Shiromani Society

Vincent O'Connell is stricken with diabetes, arthritis, gastric reflux, and other ailments. He relies on the "Demolisher" system to provide for himself:

Vincent O'Connell's extensive list of terrible diseases has forced him to retire and live on social security disability. He has fallen into $80,000 worth of debt.

Johnnie Vuong filed for bankruptcy after he was foreclosed on his home. He now bets along with the "Demolisher" Betting System to reverse his fortune:

Jamie Landreman, CEO of O.N.E. Construction, calls the "Demolisher" Betting System "impressive!"

Celebrity stunt performer David Franzen gives his honest feedback about the "Demolisher" Betting System:

David Franzen is a famed Hollywood stunt performer whose various roles throughout the years include Ghostbusters, Men In Black, the Terminator, and many others.

NASCAR racer Tom "Doc" Brewer uses the "Demolisher" system to enhance his wealthy lifestyle:

Tom "Doc" Brewer was a competitive NASCAR race driver of 10 years

Brian Roth, PhD, successful chiropractic doctor says the latest "Demolisher" Betting System has "done it again!"

Brian Roth, PhD is a successful chiropractic doctor, earning his doctorate degree from the grueling Logan College of Chiropractic

Paul Coker's wife passed away from terminal cancer. As a result, he was forced to vacate his home. Paul now uses the "Demolisher" Betting System to get back on his feet:

Paul Milton was the original hospital-based emergency helicopter pilot who pioneered the rescue helicopter industry. He now uses the "Demolisher" system to enhance his retirement:

Stephen Chu, business magnate on Wall Street and winner of the prestigious Strathmore’s Who’s Who Registry honoring the most successful business moguls in the world, says this about the "Demolisher" Betting System:

Tom Gizara worked for the casino as poker floor supervisor. He's now left the casino's side and joined forces with my betting system to make his income:

Tom Gizara once worked for the casino. Now, he's on the other side as a bettor following along with my "Demolisher" betting system

Xu, my own friend back from middle and high school, stumbled upon my website and bought his copy of the "Demolisher" system. He says "It's an amazing and easy to follow system!"

Xu was my own friend back in middle and high school. He attests in the story below to my extraordinary history growing up with me and my achievements as a teenager

Chase from Oklahoma says that the Demolisher system's rate of return is "staggering" after he was able to pay off his debts and fund his kids' college education after using the system:

Anita from Sweden says that if you follow the Demolisher system, you'll make money!

Hal Roberts is a recovering alcoholic at 71 years of age. He says that even though he is a conservative bettor, the Demolisher system has made a serious difference in his qualify of life and financial well-being:

John McKee from the United Kingdom is 63 years old accountant who has ran his own practice for 30 years. He says this about the Demolisher betting system:

Charles from Philadelphia says this after he used the Demolisher Betting System to turn $500 into $2,500:

KC from says that he has never seen anything better than the Demolisher betting system!

Steve from New Zealand says this about the Demolisher Betting System:

Phil from the United Kingdom says this about the Demolisher Betting System:

Jeff from South Florida says this about the Demolisher Betting System:

Reyes from Massachusetts says this about the Demolisher Betting System:

Peter from Sweden says this about the Demolisher Betting System:

Kale from Canada says this about the Demolisher betting system:

Marcus from Michigan says this about the Demolisher betting system:

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